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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Do What You Know - Not What You Don't

Do what you know - not what you don't!

I am an accountant, and run an accounting practice.  My strengths are looking at the figures, advising on what they mean, and what the client needs to know/do to get to where they want to go.  I am not a sales and marketing person, nor am I a technology expert.  So I do what (I hope) most people do - hire an expert for those areas.

Too often I see people (and clients) who think they know the ins and outs of everything - my personal favorite is when a client tells me the tax law, based on something they heard from someone else. I am a registered tax agent and I deal with tax law daily, so I do know how the system works.  More often than not, the client only has a snapshot of the topic they are talking about, not the complete picture - or the consequences if they are wrong.
But beyond that, if I do what I know, and hire people/outsource the stuff I don't know, then I have that time back - and isn't time money?? My hubby is an electrician, and he's good at wire jerking. He's been working with a mate (who's good at laundries, cooling, etc), and said mate didn't want to wait a day til hubby could get there. He tried running the cables and cable trays, took 3 hours, and did it wrong. Hubby tore it done and re-did it in about 30 minutes. He did what he was good at.

The other thing is that there's nothing worse than pretending you know something, giving the wrong information or doing it wrong, and having to fix it later. (Particularly book-keeping - please get that done right, it really can be a nightmare to fix!). I talk to marketing people about marketing, and IT people about my technology concerns.  I am part of a network that gives me access to lawyers, insurance people, mortgage brokers, coaches, etc as required. I'd rather admit I don't know something, and get someone else to either help me or do it for me..

I guess the point I'm trying to make is do what you know, and leave the other stuff to the professionals. It will save you time, stress and, ultimately, money. Because that time spent wasted on what you doing what you don't know. is time that could be spent working on new projects, being with the family, going to the beach or even a holiday.

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